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Diliana Beeva

Talent Community Manager


Lab08’s strengths and ambitions presented to DEV.BG

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Lab08’s strengths and ambitions presented to DEV.BG

This blog post is a translation of DEV.BG’s article about Lab08 in 2020 and beyond as a place to work, presented by our Talent Community Manager Diliana Beeva. You can find the original article in Bulgarian here.

Diliana Beeva, Talent Community Manager at Lab08

Lab08: the company that knows how to develop software products

Diliana Beeva is the Talent Community Manager at Lab08. Thanks to her experience in the field of human resources and her diverse interests, she holds the responsible task of taking care of Lab08’s team, the brand and its presence in the digital and physical space. Diliana is experienced in the recruitment of IT specialists – from system administrators through workplace services consultants to software developers using different programming languages. Today, she introduces Lab08’s special powers and shares what makes this growing company different from others in the industry.

Smart and steady growth, together with our customers

We are a Bulgarian-Danish company that has been building successful products for partners from the Scandinavian market for over two years. Our story is related to Komfo and the eponymous successful social media management product. Now, our management team is transferring its many years of experience from building a world-class quality solution to Lab08. Our business is in the technical implementation of the products we develop but also in quality product management. We are happy to have the opportunity to educate our customers on the right strategy for developing a software product. We strive to give the maximum added value with the services we offer.

We are dedicated to long-term partnerships with our clients. In this way, every employee of Lab08 has the opportunity to deepen his/her knowledge in a given field. On the other hand, the products we work on are diverse, and when someone feels like it’s time for a change, he/she has the opportunity to start working on new challenges and with different technologies. We create solutions in the field of marketing through gamification, the issuance of digital and verifiable education credentials, as well as the provision of high-quality behavioural analysis with the help of artificial intelligence and social anthropology.

We have our ambitions and potential for growth but for us, this is not the most important part. It is much more important that this happens with the right people and we have always been careful, both in choosing partners and clients and in hiring good professionals. In both cases, the involved parties must be in good sync with each other.

Lab08 in 2020

This year surprised everyone. However, Lab08’s team has many reasons to be happy – mostly because we have the opportunity to continue with our development, achieving stability. Our reaction to the changing circumstances was rapid and we managed to keep our customers “healthy” by implementing crisis plans with deferred payments and discounts. Our task and a key priority during this turbulent period were to avoid major shocks in both our and our customers’ business.

We are currently as active as possible in order to achieve our goals, and we are about to start work on building and maintaining a platform that connects companies with the right influencers for them. This domain is extremely interesting, as in recent years it has proven to be one of the most effective methods for businesses to reach the proper audience.

During the crisis period, we felt a serious lack of physical events for the IT community. At Lab08 we enjoy personal contact and overtime on such events, we have created many quality acquaintances with good professionals. In late summer and early fall, we visited key events for the IT industry, which were held entirely or partially online. Lab08 supported DEV.BG All in One in the digital space and QA Challenge Accepted 6.0 – in Sofia Tech Park and online. Although in a digital environment – we managed to get the most out of the events, offering the audience a similar experience to a physical event. We support a number of initiatives in the software industry and continued to do so during the crisis.

New horizons

One of Lab08’s short-term goals is to build a mobile development team. More and more of our partners share that their strategy is to enable their users to access their products through a mobile application in a quality and professional way and without compromising the user experience. One of the first exciting tasks for the team will be to build an application that is in addition to a platform for conducting user surveys, including video and audio recording, as well as screen recording. Through the application, each participant will have the opportunity to take part in the surveys in a quick, easy and convenient way.

We offer two positions – for iOS and Android developer who will lay the grounds for the new team. Our plan is to grow this department in the coming months – both with new colleagues and with new interesting applications.

Peek into the future

Perhaps contrary to most expectations, we decided to expand our office space, so that our employees feel more comfortable working together. There is also an increasing desire for people to visit the Lab08 office, despite the pandemic, and we are currently combining this with working from home, taking into account the preferences of employees. We have always been flexible and this helps us to react quickly to changing circumstances so that we are ready when the situation becomes more serious. Our strategy is not to be a remote organization but to maintain good teamwork, which happens most successfully when we have the opportunity to be together.

We have recently gone through a process of renewing our vision and overall communication strategy. Our position is that during a crisis, investments should not be limited for the purpose of business progress and infusion of energy into the development of the company. Through the new brand, we show more clearly our strength, vision, strategy and advantages.

On the 10th of December this year, you will be able to meet our Senior Front-End Developer Martin, who will share how to build a design system with Vue, Sass & Storybook as a guest speaker for the Javascript user group of DEV.BG. Learn how we develop big ideas at Lab08! 

Lab08’s team is growing! More information about our open positions can be found here:

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Have questions? I’m here to help.

Diliana Beeva

Talent Community Manager