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Diliana Beeva

Talent Community Manager


UI Designer

Hi there! Since you are already intrigued by the job title, we suggest you keep reading. 

We are Lab08. A Bulgarian-Danish company, developing exciting and innovative products, together with our customers. We build effective and functional platforms based on long term partnerships with our clients. And we are looking to build one with you – our new UI Designer!

Our culture is based on transparency, trust, and teamwork. We are passionate about bringing tech innovations to life while having fun. For our growing team, we are looking for highly skilled professionals like you. Come join us!

We are looking for a design specialist, who will be creating some eye-catching and functional UI designs. Interested? Let us tell you more.

You will be working on one of the products Lab08 is developing – a back-office solution for an innovative company, working on the design, architecture and manufacturing of new age kitchens. The company has offices worldwide and will be expanding its business in 2021. We work in a joint team with our customer to build a better and more streamlined way for them to deliver their services and we are working on the solution from scratch!

The type of tasks coming the UI Designer’s way would be the following: 

  • Delivering an intuitive and convenient UI to speed up product adoption
  • Be equally interested in the big picture and the small details, as we believe that both can make a difference
  • Building and following a consistent design language to reduce the learning curve for the end-users. Maintaining the design in libraries for designers and developers’ use
  • Creating sketches and prototypes, testing them with customers and tracking the users’ behaviour
  • Engage senior leaders and tech team to ensure superior product results
  • Building innovative UI solutions for both complex and trivial needs in the customer journey
  • Keeping an eye on the design trends and staying updated with the good practices in the UI/UX Design field 

Aside from being a design-minded person with an interest in business logic, we would be extremely pleased if you value aesthetics. We would also like to see: 

  • 3+ years of working in a similar position (or web designer of back-office systems)
  • Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator in your pocket 
  • Creating and following style guides and component-based design is one of the skills you own
  • UX experience – definitely a plus 
  • A product mindset – enjoying experimenting to find innovative solutions to customer challenges
  • A self-motivated learner is the person we imagine joining our team
  • Excellent at communicating in English –  it will serve you well in the frequent interaction with senior leaders
  • Good understanding of all aspects of a successful product, from development through end-user adoption and beyond would serve you well 

Of course, working for Lab08 comes with some additional perks like:

  • An opportunity to delve into the Scandinavian way of designing products
  • Excellent office location – In the centre. Like the designers in our company 😉
  • Full-time position – Freelancing is nice but wouldn’t you want to settle?
  • Semi-Flexible working hours – You are a creative soul. Take your time. 
  • Health benefits – We got you. Health and wellness first. 
  • Sport benefits – The fitness and swimming pool are literally one floor below our office.
  • Skilled teammates – Our devs, QAs and Product Managers know what they are talking about. Working with them is a breeze. 
  • Great atmosphere – Comes from the people and we have some nice ones on the team.
  • Growing together with the product you design and bring to life! 

So, if you are already excited about this role – drop us a line, send your CV and let’s get started! Our process is rapid and consists of two interviews with a homework task in-between. We currently conduct video interviews.

Applications will be processed in confidentiality. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview.

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Have questions? I’m here to help.

Diliana Beeva

Talent Community Manager