Forward-thinking ventures innovating with us.

Leveraging tech to build exceptional customer experiences

Making companies stand strong and build a robust cyber security culture

Rethinking customer
research to enable
brands get better insights

Making capital, know-how, and application available to Nordic founders

Helping Denmark develop exciting new ventures not to be missed

Behind every visionary are passionate hands-on backers

Enabling advertisers to take complete ownership of data and processes

Smart links for music marketing and artist promotion

Providing verified digital
credentials to ensure

Family office of a 3Shape founder investing in early stage companies

Actively contributing to B2B venture growth through operational expertise

Optimizing performance
and health through
a circadian tech platform

An employee app made for the modern workforce

Helping brands drive
relationships through
digital products

Enabling brands to create
engaging experiences
through gamification

Taking a tech-based approach
to upgrade kitchen designs worldwide

Discover a new way to plan your training, learn and exchange with the experts

Collaborating on utilizing AI for better forecasting of demand

Helping Denmark develop exciting new ventures not to be missed

Offering a one-stop solution
for visual communication
and branding

What our customers say


At Kollektiv we are building the future of the physical activity economy. We enable global creators, throughout the sport, fitness and active lifestyle industries, to build hyper personal training communities. Our partnership with Lab08 is key in our ongoing effort to scale the technology powering Kollektiv, from the front facing interfaces, all the way through to our web3 layer. Besides being an experienced software partner to boost our development, Lab08 is covering an essential role of our strategizing and road mapping, e.g. how and when to leverage the leading edge potential that web3 technologies have to offer. 

Ben Powell-Frederiksen

CEO & Co-founder, kollektiv


At Timeshifter, we are relentlessly pursuing the highest quality and usability in our backend and apps, including in the most-downloaded and higest-rated jet lag app in the world, and a new revolutionary app to help shift workers optimize their sleep, alertness, health, and quality of life. Lab08 has helped us achieve this with a dream team of developers. They have been both proactive and focused on our business objectives, even if those objectives have changed from time to time. Lab08 has been a great partner for Timeshifter, but in order to keep Lab08’s wizardry to ourselves, we hope everyone will ignore this endorsement.

Mickey Beyer-Clausen

CEO, Timeshifter


GetWhy [FKA UserTribe] is a company that helps other companies understand the needs of the their customers. We teamed up with Lab08 because we wanted to scale our development. We wanted to move from being more or less a consultancy business to being a product business. Today we are talking about ourselves as a technology company. The thing we appreciate most about working with Lab08 is their passion for what we do. We share that with them and doing an outsourced model we could easily be in a place where we didn’t experience that passion. That is truly unique.

Jakob Kalkar

Former Co-founder & CPO, GetWhy


Diplomasafe is a platform for issuing and distributing digital credentials. We make credentials that can be trusted worldwide. Our partnership with Lab08 is all about honesty, quality and loyalty. The first thing we did when we started our partnership with Lab08 was to look at a refactoring of our platform to make it scalable and to make the development faster. This process was handled super professional from start to finish by Lab08. It turned out to be one of our big breakthroughs. Another breakthrough for us was our blockchain project, where it is nice to have a competent partner that can actually make something like this happen.

Mikkel Egehave & Kim S. Mortensen

Founders, Diplomasafe