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Forward-thinking companies innovating with Lab08

The future belongs to the customer centric. UserTribe facilitates customer involvement, making it easy to align and collaborate with the most important stakeholder: your customer.


We have teamed up to collaborate on scaling a product organization across Copenhagen and Sofia. Lab08 is consulting on team structure and work methodology and is operating the UserTribe team in Sofia. In Copenhagen, the focus is on strategy, UX and data science, and in Sofia, the focus is on product management, UI design, software development, quality assurance and DevOps.


  • Founded in 2013 in Copenhagen 
  • The CEO is Casper Henningsen  
  • Customers include Maersk, Google & Santander
  • Teamed up with Lab08 in early 2019  

“Lab08 has provided invaluable experience in setting up a nearshoring team, and through Lab08, we have access to great software talent. We are operating as one united product team, which is rare in outsourcing across borders. I am very happy with our partnership.”

Jakob Kalkar, 
VP of Product

deepdivr is helping businesses increase social ROI by providing customers with the best paid social media analytics and optimization platform on the market.

deepdivr & LAB08

We have teamed up to build and manage a deepdivr software team in Sofia, Bulgaria. Today, we are operating a complete software team skilled in product management, software development, quality assurance, and cloud engineering.

We are working together across Copenhagen and Sofia as one united product team collaborating on road map prioritization, user experience, and testing.

FACTS ABOUT deepdivr

  • Founded in 2017 in Copenhagen
  • Founded by Kristoffer Nygaard & Mikkel Rossing
  • Among others backed by PreSeed Ventures
  • Teamed up with Lab08 during summer 2018   

“I can recommend Lab08 to anyone looking for an R&D partner, that not only delivers quality in software development but also dares to challenge your roadmap and product ideas based upon their experience.”

Kristoffer Nygaard, 
CEO & Co-founder, deepdivr

Education is important – so is the proof of it. Diplomasafe creates student advocacy through secure digital online diplomas

Diplomasafe & LAB08

We teamed up to accelerate the speed in which new features are delivered to the market. We are doing so by setting up a Diplomasafe team in Sofia recruited with Diplomasafe’s vision and product road map in mind

FACTS ABOUT Diplomasafe

  • Founded in 2016 
  • Customers include CBS Executive & ITU
  • Backed by Vækstfonden & 70Ventures
  • Teamed up with Lab08 in summer 2019 

“I am sure we have made the right choice in teaming up with Lab08. Besides delivering quality software development it is valuable to work with experienced IT entrepreneurs who have been on a startup journey themselves.”

Mikkel Egehave
CEO & Co-founder

Intellecto provides an intelligent debt collection solution by combining behavioral science and machine learning. In this way, debt collection is tailored to the unique debtors.


We have teamed up with the mission to add software development power and speed to the Intellecto product team. We have been working together with the management in Intellecto shaping and developing the product through close collaboration.


  • Founded in 2016 
  • Founders have 19+ years domain experience
  • Industry expertise in Energy, TelCo & Finance 
  • Teamed up with Lab08 during summer 2018 

“Partnering with Lab08 has made it more likely for us to achieve our goal. Besides providing quality software development, their contributions to our strategic product discussions are very valuable to us. I can definitely recommend Lab08 as an R&D partner you can rely on.”

Cathrine Holstein
CEO, Intellecto