Elev your product from good to great

Roadmapping workshop for clear direction

Setting the right product direction can be tricky, as you want to cover all the necessary basics. It is only natural that ventures want to ensure their product development priorities bring the most value with limited resources.

Our solution? A roadmapping workshop to help create an actionable roadmap for your product.

Before the workshop

the team

  • Organizational Structure
  • Current model of operations
  • Current Dev team
  • Internal Stakeholders

State of business

  • User personas
  • The problems we solve for each user type
  • Buyer vs User
  • Revenue Streams
  • Other (external) stakeholders

Demo & Access

  • Access to documentation and codebase
  • Demo current user flows (per persona)
  • Create user accounts for Lab08 per persona

Business strategy

  • Business objectives
  • Current obstacles
  • How do we plan to
    overcome said obstacles

At the

At the workshop

Before the

Set Goals

  • Define KPIs
  • User journey mapping
  • Key improvement opportunities
  • Identifying critical risks


  • Identifying needs and place on journey map
  • Determine highest potential for
    improvement in user journey
  • Addressing on most important needs


  • Sketch out ideas for
    improvement individually
  • Decide on best approach
  • String winners together to form
    low-fi prototypes

Dev Roadmap

  • Define MVP’s, prioritize needs, and determine dev approach
  • Prepare a development plan and outline a roadmap


  • Determine a validation plan
  • Build high-fi prototypes,
    and concierge MVPs to use
    for validation

The output of a roadmapping workshop

Loads of excellent strategy work end up in the bin when there is no plan or focus on bringing it from slide deck to real life.

Our output is a properly scoped and operational action plan that lays out a prioritized roadmap for the next 3-6 months. It will help you allocate resources effectively and stay on track to develop and launch your 2.0 product successfully.








Goal 1

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Task 5

Task 6

Goal 2

Task 1

Task 2

Task 4

From roadmapping to reality

Once the roadmap is complete, the next step is to execute and develop.

We can help you apply the necessary skills to take your product from an idea to reality. We build intuitive products through clean code that are easy and user-friendly to hand over to a future in-house team.

The team to lead your product planning

Our team consists of senior people with experience in product strategy and development, e.g. SaaS solutions, mobile apps, machine learning, infrastructure and blockchain projects.

Lachezar Blagoev

As Senior PM, Lacho has managed numerous software products, and he will be validating the subject’s strategic roadmap.

Teodor Nikolov

As Senior Backend developer, Tonci is driving your digital innovation, evaluating the right technologies and overseeing the direction.