How we co-develop software products

→ Accelerating delivery

Our product development is driven by design thinkers and our delivery model is tailored for fast-evolving user needs.

  • We empower our product teams to create tangible solutions to the underlying needs.
  • We apply the proper principles of design thinking to ensure we remain laser focused on the users and resolving their problems.
  • We ensure that the needs of the users are translated into the relevant technical objectives.  

→ Scaling products

Our blueprint for scaling software products allow ventures to accelerate in a value-driven and frictionless way.

  • We adjust team structure and development processes to match the relevant growth targets.
  • We allocate the needed expertise at the right time as we move from one growth stage to the next.
  • Our contribution optimizes innovation speed and product performance while gearing the venture for continued growth.

→ Software leadership

We’re a team of experienced product owners and software developers all brought together to achieve great things with our partners.

  • Between them the tech leads of Lab08 have scaled SaaS and mobile products across a wide range of popular technologies.
  • We have a decade of DevOps experience setting up scalable infrastructure suited for fast-growing ventures.
  • Our team of experienced product owners all know how to set teams and products up for success.