We help you scale fast and stay in control.


Finally, healthy growth

Not long ago, founders were overwhelmed by unhealthy expectations for hyper growth. To keep up, many sacrificed the basics. The result was misfitted MVPs and technical debt.
Fortunately, we see a new trend.
MVPs are expected to be scalable and validated. Founders can iterate on product-market fit. Investors are asking to look “under the hood,” and everyone acknowledges the need for a backup plan.
At Lab08, our services help founders and VCs do it all: Move fast. Minimize risk. And design businesses ready for growth.


Roadmapping workshop

Would you like expert guidance to develop a comprehensive and actionable roadmap for your product’s success?

Tech due diligence

Looking under the hood of a tech venture to invest in? Or you need to validate your product and tech?

Startup co-pilot

In need of a tech partner as you are looking to accelerate into scale-up mode?


Lab08’s trainable venture assistant, helping founders and investors find synergies and make the best investment decisions.

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Founders like you

Meet Dinko and Rasmus.

In 2017, we sold our B2B SaaS solution to Sitecore. This exit wasn’t the end of our journey, but a beginning. We realized there were gaps in the market and wanted to provide the tech services that the startup community truly needed. 

Inspired, we created Lab08, and assembled a reliable, skilled team, committed to helping you scale and stay in control.

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We select our partners carefully, and so should you. Contact us to share more about the problem your team is solving, and whether Lab08 is right for you.