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This is Lab08

We are an experienced crew of tech leaders and software developers who share the belief that great innovations are made together with our customers.

Our vision

We are here to pursue long-term partnerships with the companies we work with, and this means working with innovative minds ready to challenge the status quo.

Our culture is defined by people that perform at their best working in an environment based on friendship, minimal hierarchy, trust, and transparency.

The managing partners

Rasmus Møller

Rasmus has previously co-founded Komfo, a cloud-based social media management platform, and been the company’s CEO for more than ten years. His experience as an entrepreneur and tech leader will ensure that you get advice about how to get most value out of your partnership with Lab08.

Ivo Hristov

Ivo has extensive experience in building and leading software teams. Previous to Lab08, he has been working with R&D in Microsoft, and later co-founded Komfo, where he built and scaled a SaaS specialized R&D organization. Ivo is also the founder of DEV.BG, the largest IT community in Bulgaria.

Get in touch

We will be happy to discuss how to bring your ideas for innovation to life. Reach out to us at collaborate@lab08.com, and we will get back to you shortly.