Tech Due Diligence as an Investment

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Leading NORDIC investors count on Lab08 for their Tech DD

Lab08 delivered a targeted and very useful tech due diligence on a recent investment; a valuable contribution to our decision-making and with specific recommendations to future improvements of the tech stack.

Mikkel Hesselgren

Chief Investment Officer

How can an external vendor judge where a startup “should” be? Our people-first process ensures a fair assessment. The output is visualized on a simple, concrete spider graph with an accompanying, detailed report.

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Pro tip:

Never skip your security test

It’s imperative, even without a TechDD budget. Our standalone security tests often reveal unexpected vulnerabilities that are vital to address. This is especially true for companies that handle sensitive data and enterprise organizations, which are vulnerable to cyberattacks and public scrutiny.

What if we embraced red flags?

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As former founders, we know that technical perfection is not the goal and lower TechDD scores are nothing to fear. Often, they are an opportunity for clarity and growth.

Founders, CTOs and investors can use the TechDD to align on known issues and priorities.

Occasionally, we find unexpected issues too. Armed with new insights and a clear action plan, we find that tech teams often resolve the problem before our final report is even ready.

It was the interview process that won my team over. The tech team got to spar, raise concerns and show off our good work. The final report validated that we were on the right direction and helped everyone focus and accelerate.

Sigurd Jervelund Hansen

CTO, Eupry

Lab08’s Tech DD is behind successful startups

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